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Rock Show at Saarang

IIT Madras’s annual cultural fest Saarang was in its own colours on this year 2010. I had an opportunity to witness the last day celebrations of it.  Have attended Light music finals at Central Lecture Theatre and Dance finals competitions at Students Activity Centre, which are participated by jubilant students from many colleges. In between as a parallel activity, spent hour an half at ICSR auditorium to attend lecture by Bharathanatyam artist Padma Subramaniam on theory and practise of dance.  As the ultimate programme on the evening a Rock show was presented at Open Air Theatre by internal Rock Brands ‘Skid Row’ and ‘Hurricane Bells’.  This is the first rock show I’ve attended but unable to appreciate it fully, which might be because of lack of interest and knowledge.  I was wondered how a person could sing continuously in base-voice for an hour.  Dozens of high-sound huge speakers were on the stage along with 3 guitarists, one vocalist, one drumist and one keyboard player.  The artists usually had long hair and intentionally shaking their hairy-heads wildly to energize the audience;  its quite disgusting act though.  Anyway, a different experience for folks like me.