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Rock Show at Saarang

IIT Madras’s annual cultural fest Saarang was in its own colours on this year 2010. I had an opportunity to witness the last day celebrations of it.  Have attended Light music finals at Central Lecture Theatre and Dance finals competitions at Students Activity Centre, which are participated by jubilant students from many colleges. In between as a parallel activity, spent hour an half at ICSR auditorium to attend lecture by Bharathanatyam artist Padma Subramaniam on theory and practise of dance.  As the ultimate programme on the evening a Rock show was presented at Open Air Theatre by internal Rock Brands ‘Skid Row’ and ‘Hurricane Bells’.  This is the first rock show I’ve attended but unable to appreciate it fully, which might be because of lack of interest and knowledge.  I was wondered how a person could sing continuously in base-voice for an hour.  Dozens of high-sound huge speakers were on the stage along with 3 guitarists, one vocalist, one drumist and one keyboard player.  The artists usually had long hair and intentionally shaking their hairy-heads wildly to energize the audience;  its quite disgusting act though.  Anyway, a different experience for folks like me.

IIT Madras – Student’s paradise in TN

Recently I had a chance to visit IIT Madras and stunned by the cool atmosphere amidst hot Chennai city.  Gifted by the surrounding forest environment and serene location, its an ideal place for students to pursue their studies and research. Alma Mater for many brightest brains in country has many facilities and infrastructure for students and all residents.  During the same time of my visit, the technical festival Shaastra was happening and I was viewing the in-house Robot car races.  Had food at Tiffany’s and Gurunath and watched part of movie at OAT (Open Air Theatre).  All places inside the campus including Departments, Hostels, Residential enclaves, Durgai Peeliamman temple, Play ground, Shiva temple, Cafe, Central Library would easily get located from the centre Gajendra Circle.  Apart from these man-made facilities, insiders could enjoy the natural gift of chillness and fauna – Deers and Monkeys.  Altogether, it a great place for nurturing scientific and technological research.  From this highly-funded institution, people of India are expecting more contributions to our country and mankind.

Dasavatharam – A new experiment in Tamil Cinema

Eventhough I’m not a die-hard fan of Kamalahaasan, I’ve watched the Tamil film Dasavatharam twice in first week of its release.  I like the 2 aspects in that film, one being the implementation of scientific chaos theory and buttery-fly effect in real-life incidents and second being the 12th century saivaites-vaishnavaites clash during Rajadhiraja Kulothunga Cholan period.  I would like to see the extensions of first 10-minute ancient tamil story from the Rangaraja Nambi character, to get an visual feast on life-style of Tamil people.  Kamal tried to connect the ancient incident with recent Tsunami along with fighting against bio-war aspect. Appreciations goes to the style of antagonist Kamal Fletcher and kindness of Vincent Poovaraagan.  Annoying character in the film is nothing but Asin, who simply had single word dialogure “Perumal”.   She is a major blow in the film uttering Perumal around 40 times till the end of film childfully without any logic.  Irritating dialogues with ridiculous jokes in serious situation lengthened the second half of the film.  I feel Kamal have experiemented some unnecessary characters like Paati, George Bush, Tall Muslim and Japanese just to meet the magic number 10.  Some good visual effects and back-ground music soothes the ambience.  Kamalhaasan surely did an experiment on discussing the complex design of universe and man-kind with commercial formula by giving his 10 avatars in this film.   Hats off to him.

Balamurugan – Deepa Wedding

Today I’ve attended my friend Balamurugan’s (college classmate & Chennai roommate) marriage in Thiruchy. Balamurugan’s better-half Deepa was not new to us. Even though she is not our college mate, we know her very well as a friend after her engagement. I met many of my college guys there, Satheesh, Navanee, Vijayaganesh, Rajesh, Kannan, Kamalakannan, Saravanamoorthy (this guy jumped from US suddenly), Kanagadurga, Anandhi, Krithiga, Mohammed Ismail, Jeyaram. Apart from this, it was a nice meeting among families also, like my parents met the parents of Satheesh, Navanee and Vijayaganesh, who all came there to attend the wedding. Short and sweet memorable family get-together it was.

Manapparai, MRP

The acronym MRP stands for Maarachi Reddia Patti, a village near Manapparai in Tiruchy district, the hometown of my Chennai roommate Satheesh.  Our friends Navanee, Vijayaganesh, Rajesh, Kannan, Kamalakannan, Sathishkumar went to Tiruchy to attend Balamurugan’s engagement and we stayed in Satheeh’s home.  We had a nice time at his home by having more than enough food items as breakfast, brunch and lunch.  Evening we went to Mukkombhu dam and watched the fishing done by local people.  Night we went for “Sillunu Oru Kaadhal” movie in Sona Theatre, Tiruchy.

Trip to Pondicherry

Our Chennai room-mates planned to have a short trip to Pondicherry, so I joined with Satheesh, Navanee, Vijayaganesh, Rajesh and Kannan. Visited Cholamandalam Artist Village on ECR road, Crocodile Park and Mahabalipuram. We had a discussion about Sivagamiyin Sabhadham and Mamallar in Mamallapuram. Evening went to beach in Pondicherry and next day to Manakulam Vinayagakar Temple then to Aurabindo Ashram. We went for boating in Cunnabar Island and enjoyed the speed-boat ride.

Live Cricket Experience

Even though I’m not a cricket lunatic or fanatic, I watched a live test match in Chennai Chepauk M.A.Chidambaram Stadium.  It was TVS Cup Test Match series and with my friends I watched 2nd test match (3rd and 4th day) between India and Australia.  It was really a different experience to watch the players live action and their shouting.  Audiences were overwhelmed by seeing Harbhajan near four line and beckoned him as “Bajji, Bajji”, yeah, even he was quite responsive to us.  But Shewag didn’t even turned his head towards his fans.  As usual the people were playing rhythmic music with empty plastic water bottles.  No one can forget the “audience waves” and huge noise inside stadium, which gives unique experience of watching a cricket match, that differs from regular TV matches in home.

Marundheeshwarar Kumbhabhishekam

Today the celestial Kumbhabhishekam ceremony happened in Thiruvanmiyur Marundheeswarar Temple.  We SFH friends did a Kalasam worship among many devotees.  On the eve of this festival, a classical music concert was arranged in temple premises.  Enjoyed the divine Saxophone music played by Kadri Gopalnath, Violin by Kanyakumari, Mridangam by Guruvayur Durai and Moursing by Rajasekar.

Outing to Queensland

After the enjoyable HCL team-outing of this quarter to “Queensland” theme-park in Chennai, suddenly a thought came to give a write-up on this.

As everyone expected we started our trip sharply & punctually (?) at 12:45 PM from ODC1. Around 30 people of our team gathered and occupied into a Van and 3 cars. On the way to Queensland there was a heavy traffic and people started to say “Oh! no”. At last we reached our destination around 2:15 PM and started exploring all (routing) paths in Queensland.

First and foremost, we enjoyed Himalayan Water Ride and as usual people continued their shouting. Then most of us entered into American Water Wave and had a lot of fun by throwing each and everyone of us by ourselves. Then we ran to Water Slider and enjoyed sliding. After these water games, we had fun on Roller Coaster, Karting, Bumper Car, Cable Car, etc. No one can forget the Crazy Horse and people were almost fell down from that Horse. At last we gathered into the mini-train (not T or S train) and had wonderful journey throughout Queensland.

On the way back, we played Anthakshari with our own Tamil, Hindi & Malayalam songs (too noisy). Then we came to Kwality Walls Ice ream parlor and our guys ordered different varieties of ice creams like TopGun, AfricanQueen, etc. After this wonderful ice cream session, we safely reached ODC1 at 9:00 PM.

To put it in a nutshell, we had lot of fun, we enjoyed fully and most importantly we came to know more about all of our team members & its a memorable day for us. Kudos to the organizers (Lavan, Nepolean, Mishra, Chandrasekar, Arul, Prasad).

Eagerly expecting these types of beautiful team outings in upcoming quarters !! Cheers to the Gang !!

Sweet Friends Home

The funny mail which I had sent to my room-mates for taking incharge of “veetu-kanakku” (home finance) ….

Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2004 15:40:25 +0530
To:, ,,,
From: Prabhu Hariharan <>
Subject: SFH: Welcome !!!

Hello Guys,

Its my pleasure to inform you that, I’ve been given charge to handle the “Finance & Accounts” related operations for our Thiruvanmiyur Home (Herwith, will be called as SFH)

SFH stands for “Sweet Friends Home”

All the finance & accounts related mails will have “SFH:” on its header to identify easily.

I would like to thanks Vijayaganesh for his excellent handling of this charge previously and expecting a smooth transition from him to me with proper TOI.

Thanks to our roommates for giving this wonderful opportunity to me and I’m sure that, I’ll deliver my best in this assignment.

Starting from this Welcome mail, you can transfer a lot of mails regarding the details/informations/concerns/issues/plans on SFH.

Expecting your usual co-operation.

Prabhu H