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Two (too) good movies on a day!

Went to INOX to watch the spectacular 3D show ‘Avatar’ with my friends.  Indeed a mind-blowing film for some of its creativity and imagination on the new species of a different planet.  The technology is the actual protagonist of this film and a good message to us is to save the nature and protect the natural beings.
Followed by that, watched the latest Hindi blockbuster ‘3 idiots’.  Impressed by the screenplay and the core message of the film, which is obvious that ‘freedom of education in choosing the career’.  Have read already ‘five point someone’ novel and I agree that many incidents are similar but the movie stands on its own in many aspects.  Also I agree that Aamir Khan’s portrayal of inherent intelligence, love to machines, absconding from the material world to establish his own science empire would be comparable to the character John Galt of ‘Altas Shrugged’ novel by Ayn Rand.
As a whole, I’ve enjoyed completely my ‘last bachelor weekend’ with friendly
Nammaveedu guys in Bangalore.