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A one day trip to Lonavala was not so exciting as the season was neither monsoon nor spring.   One thing I liked in the trip is Karla and Bhaja caves which is 2nd century BC Buddhist caves.  It was really spectacular to see the majestic hall carved inside the cave.  The hall is very big with seat for Head Monk and has dozens of elephant statues.  I was just thinking how the people/monks would be standing and behaving in the same hall centuries before.  I wish those elephants to come alive and speak the history and lifestyle of people, they saw in these thousands of years.

After the cave dharshan, went to Lonavala lake, Rajmachi point, Shivaji Udyan and Kandala.  Lonavala is famous for the eatable ‘Chikki’, which is nothing groundnut pies mixed in jaggery (Kadalaimittai in Tamil).  A two hour journey in train from Mumbai could make a good weekend trip, but it has to be made on correct season.