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Ulaga Naagariham – Kamala Kandhasaamy

I had a chance to read this Tamil book on World Culture (Complete title: Ulaga Naagariham: Vazhangiya Naadugalum, Varalaarum). It is not a novel or story but a bunch of facts on the growth and evolution of World Culture, substantiated with historical records. The book starts with evolution of mankind from ancient stone-age man and their nomadic lifestyles. Then the proper settlement of people near the banks of river with agriculture as their main work. Initially four major civilizations evolved in various regions of the world: Sumerian culture on bank of Euphrates and Tigirs rivers (i.e. Mesopotamia, modern Iraq), Egyptian culture on bank of Nile river, Chinese culture on bank of Yellow river and Indus Valley civilization at the bank of Sindhu and Ganges river (Aryan settlement).
Then the book talks about Greek, Roman, African, Indian and American cultures and its related history. After that, the role of Religions in the culture of people followed by modern day evolution in culture was given. i.e. the cultural focus changed from Monarchy-based to Democracy-based society. A final touch on recent impact on people culture was discussed including two world wars and UNO formation, etc.
I feel this book is being presented as a form of History subject to students, that could be considered as a short reference book on various cultural and historical topics. But this may not be interesting for people, who read novels and story-telling style of history.