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Enadhu Madurai Ninaivugal – Manohar Devadas

My father bought this book during its launching ceremony in Arvind Eye Hospital and I had an opportunity to read this.  This is an autobiography of Manohar Devadas on sharing his childhood and adolescent stage experiences by vividly depicting the lifestyle in Madurai in 1950s.  After reading this book I came to know more information about my hometown Madurai including its history, formation of railway colony, anglo-indian people’s lifestyle, Madura coats mills, Harvipatti village formation, etc.  Manohar on his school days spent time with his friends and did all naughty humorous stuffs and its quite interesting to read his memories.  Moreover the pencil-sketch pictures drewn by the author are so perfect and clear, which he drew at the verge of losing his eye-sight.  A good book to read through to know about the lifestyle of olden Madurai lads.


Sila Nerangalil Sila Manidhargal – Jeyakanthan

I don’t know how to describe this novel, because it just portraits the thinking and dialogues of an orthodox lady who faced a bitter part in her life before 12 years.  This is not a usual novel where some story-ground remains or some moral of the story will be given at the end.  It just debicts how some people’s behaviour changes over time.  The lead character Ganga’s thinking is what you read in this book.  The style of writing Jeyakanthan used here stands different, but some readers may get bored.  But I liked it.

Vanavaasam – Kannadaasan

This autobiography describes a decade of experience in political life of Kannadaasan. He explains his motivation to join politics, his pleasant and bitter times with Dravida Kazhagam leaders and his reasons for quitting politics. It’s surprising that in this book, he literally blames Karunanidhi for his cunning games played during initial period of DMK and making Annadurai as a puppet in hands of him and his followers. I don’t know how far this is true. After reading this book I came to know about some leaders in Dravida Kazhagam and Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam. DMK initially had two unofficial groups – one under Annadurai and other under E.V.K. Sampath (father of E.V.K.S. Elangovan). There was always cold-war among the followers of these leaders and Kannadaasan was in Sampath group. At one point of time, all followers including Sampath were voluntarily departed from DMK because of their bitter experiences in the party and the novel ends here. Kannadasan says his lifetime in politics as “Vanavaasam”. This book along with “Periyar” movie, gives me an idea on initial Tamilnadu politics like DK formation by Periyar after departing from Indian National Congress and DMK formation by Annadurai after departing from DK.

List of tamil novels I’ve read

The following are the novels listed in reverse chronological order of my readings.


Kaviri Maindhan (Anusha Venkatesh – Historic, continuation of Ponniyin Selvan)

Mathirai (T. Lajpathy Roy – Informative book of Jainism and caves of Madurai)

Sindhu Mudhal Gangai Varai (Raghul Sangruthiyaayan – Aryan-age)

ISI (Pa. Raghavan – Excellent details on ISI of Pakistan)


Karaindha Nizhalgal (Asokamithran – Social)
Thyagarajar  (Veeyesvee – Life history of Musical Trinity Thyagarajar Swamigal)
Velaikaari (Aringar Anna – Social)
Rani Mangammal (Na. Parthasarathy – Historic)
Pudhu VeLLam (Akilan – Social)
Enadhu Madurai Ninaivugal (Manohar Devadas – Social)
Sila Nerangalil Sila Manidhargal (Jeyakanthan – Social)
Vanavaasam (Kannadaasan – Political life of Kannadaasan)


Mercury Pookkal (Balakumaaran – Social)

Oru Manidhanum Sila Erumai Maadugalum (Jeyakaanthan – Social)

Goballapurathu Makkal (Ki. Rajanarayanan – Social)

Chithira Paavai (Akilan – Social)

Irumbu Kudhiraigal (Balakumaaran – Social)

Appam Vadai Thayirsaadham (Balakumaaran – Social)


Oru Puliyamarathin Kadhai (Sundara Ramasamy -Social)

Kanni Maadam (Saandilyan – Historical)

Alai Osai (Kalki – Social)

Amara Vaazhvu (Kalki – Social Indian freedom era)

Thyaga Boomi (Kalki – Social)

Poimaan Karadu (Kalki – Social Comedy)

Mohini Theevu (Kalki – Social)

Mahudapathi (Kalki – Social Indian freedom era)

Kalvanin Kadhali (Kalki – Social)

Vetri Muzhakkam (Na. Parthasarathy – Historical)

Paandimaadevi (Na. Parthasarathy – Historical)


Vetri Thirunagar (Akilan – Historical)

Aayiram Theevu Angayarkanni (Kannadaasan – Historical)

Cheramaan Kaadhali (Kannadaasan – Historical)

Vengayin Maindhan (Akilan – Historical)

Solamalai Ilavarasi (Kalki – Mix of Historical and Social Indian freedom era)

Volgavil irundhu Gangai varai (Rahul Sangruthiyaayan – Compilation of Aryans history in India)

Ponniyin Selvan (Kalki – Historical)

Parthibhan Kanavu (Kalki – Historical)

Sivagamiyin Sabhadam (Kalki – Historical)

Gopallapurathu Makkal – Ki. Rajanarayan

This novel is famous for the slang of language used. The story revolves around the life of people in the village named Gopallapuram in Thirunelveli district during early 1900 year. So the author finely used the Thirunelveli local residents language throughout the novel. It vividly explains the expressions of the villagers when they come across any new things in the village. For example, when village’s first “wall-clock” enters in one resident’s home, everyone were keen to know about the current time. Even some guys doesn’t know how to read clock timings, they were used to say small-hand of clock lies between 3 and 4 and long-hand lies on number 9. Funny right ! The author explains how slowly the villagers accepted certain changes in their life like wearing pants, style hair-cuts, listening radio, watching TV, etc.

Chithirappaavai – Akilan

A contemporary social novel written by Akilan, who vividly bring Annamalai’s character to our eyes.  The hero Annamalai’s calm and dreamy nature surely takes our mind.  The ending of this novel was highly appreciated on those days and its simply the best.  Completed reading this novel today.

Appam Vadai Thayirsaadham – Balakumaran

This is one of the optimistic novels I’ve read. Here Balakumaran unfurls the story and life-style of 5 generations of a Brahmin family. He depicts, how a family is getting lifted economically and achieving social status in years because of their hard-work and dedication. Before 5 generations a poor family started a simple business of selling Appam, Vadai and Thayir-saadham (curd-rice) in Maayavaram railway station. Because of the quality of food and the hard-work shown by the family members, they started to grow economically by opening a hotel and gain popularity among people. Then they expand their business to Chennai and in turn give their descendants a good education. Their offspring switch to some other job and move to Bombay and the story goes on and ends in Chennai. The characters and the progression of the story are optimistic in nature and anyone reading this, will feel the good factors of life. Before start cooking in the hotel, the owner will perform Gayathri Mantra prayer for 30 minutes to concentrate well on work which increases his productivity. And the simple message this novel gives to everyone is “Do your duty with complete dedication and concentration”.

Kanni Maadam – Saandilyan

A good book from Saandilyan, which explains the hero Aparajithan’s strategy for saving the princess by keeping her inside Kanni Maadam. The consequences and other historic references used in this novel were quite interesting.

Alai Osai – Kalki

This novel is about freedom struggle in India and the characters will revolve around the events of freedom movement.  Kalki vividly pictures the Gandhian era and people’s reaction on Gandhi’s death.  The finest human relationship between husband and wife, friends of opposite sex, mother and daughter will be touching expressions.  Completed reading this novel today.

Mahudapathi – Kalki

This novel revolves around the hero, Mahudapathi.  He is a freedom fighter and Kalki narrates the challenges faced by Mahudapathi in personal life and his national aspiration.  Completed reading this novel today.