First sight of Mumbai

I was bit excited to live in Mumbai, like first onsite abroad visit.  The thriving
city of Mumbai welcomed us with fighting taxiwalas in Airport to grab us.  The
yelllow-and-black taxis which I saw in hindi movies are ubiquitious in Mumbai, and its pretty cool that these meter fares are reasonable though (Rs. 9 per km).  The city’s first look always shows the dirt and uncleanliness everywhere.  Some of the best maintained buildings and complexes are surrounded by dirty outfits, which looks awkward.  Life in Mumbai is quite different from Chennai and Bangalore majorly because of its fastness.  No one have an inch patience on the road and mind.
I had the city-staple food Vada-Pav and Chai.  On the weekend, made a visit
to Gateway of India and had a glimpse of terror-struck Taj Mahal Hotel.  In that hotel, still renovations are going on even after a year.  Then made a visit to Bandra by travelling on the recently opened Bandra – Worli Sealink bridge (which is about 5 km in length on sea).  Expecting some good days in Mumbai.

2 comments so far

  1. senthilkumaran on

    Photos ?

    Anyway have a great time there 🙂

  2. saikrishbe on

    @senthil: padam pathu pathu kaetu poitinga na! 😉

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