Kaaviri Maindhan – Anusha Venkatesh (Vol 2 and 3)

Completed the tamil novel Kaaviri Maindhan by reading the volumes 2 and 3.  The pluses of this story are its the continuation of Kalki’s novel ponniyin selvan and imagination introduced by the author in linking certain characters.  The references made on songs by Nandhanar and Thirugyana Sambhandar with respective temple towns are good.
Coming to the minuses I feel in the book like weakly substantiated historical information especially with Chola prince Aaditya Karikalan allegedly killed by Idumbankaari, a Pandiyan freedom-fighter.  Also, in some places I’ve felt the story is too slow to read and repetitions of multiple dialogues in same context.  Some of the instances and strategies could be easily guessed by frequent reader of historic novels.  As a whole, I felt the 3 volumes could have been compressed into a single 600 pages book to make it very interesting to read and affordable to keep a copy by everyone.

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  1. P.V.SRIRAM on

    I also read this book. In this it has been mentioned that pandiyan manimakudam was found by sambuvarayar and lokamadevi i.e during uthama chola period. however in vengaiyin maindan it is reported that it was found during rajendra period which is correct

  2. Kumar2saran on

    Whatever it is this book was a gud treasure to the historical books lovers.. I loved it too. But the book cost is little high (480/- ). But its worth.

  3. Prabhu Rajendran on

    I felt buk is little slow…but we can predict the upcoming situations..similiar to tamil cinema…

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