Kaviri Maindhan – Anusha Venkatesh (Volume I)

Readers who loved Ponniyin Selvan would be interested to read this Tamil historic novel.  Its a story on Chola empire which starts exactly after 5 years of Ponniyin selvan novel plot.  The readers could re-visit their favourite characters Vandhiya Thevan, Arulmozhi Varman, Kundhavai, Aazhvaarkadiyan and others.  The author Anusha Venkatesh did her part best in describing the scenes and making it interesting to read.  In this first volume Kandhamaaran, the Kadambur prince looks like the protagonist.  Yet to read the remaining 2 volumes and update the blog.


4 comments so far

  1. nataraja deekshidhar on

    i would like to contact you. pl. give me ur mail or website.
    with thanks
    n.d. nataraja deekshidhar

  2. khan on

    can u upload kaaviri maindan novel???

    • prabhuh on

      Sorry I don’t have uploadable version of this novel …

  3. vj on

    hi, The author is a He and not She !!


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