IIT Madras – Student’s paradise in TN

Recently I had a chance to visit IIT Madras and stunned by the cool atmosphere amidst hot Chennai city.  Gifted by the surrounding forest environment and serene location, its an ideal place for students to pursue their studies and research. Alma Mater for many brightest brains in country has many facilities and infrastructure for students and all residents.  During the same time of my visit, the technical festival Shaastra was happening and I was viewing the in-house Robot car races.  Had food at Tiffany’s and Gurunath and watched part of movie at OAT (Open Air Theatre).  All places inside the campus including Departments, Hostels, Residential enclaves, Durgai Peeliamman temple, Play ground, Shiva temple, Cafe, Central Library would easily get located from the centre Gajendra Circle.  Apart from these man-made facilities, insiders could enjoy the natural gift of chillness and fauna – Deers and Monkeys.  Altogether, it a great place for nurturing scientific and technological research.  From this highly-funded institution, people of India are expecting more contributions to our country and mankind.


2 comments so far

  1. Megarajan on


    nee yethukku da anga pona ?

    I spent 1 year as a research assistant at IIT Madras.

    anga naan kathukittatha vechikittu thaan innum kalaatha ottaren 😉

  2. Senthil Kumaran S on

    Enaku theriyum ethukaga poneenganu 😉

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