Unparallel scenic gift in Kemmangundi

Lush green mountains carry amazing beauty, frequently embraced by silver clouds, is unparallel scenic gift by mother nature to creatures like us.  Our procrastinate brain will never forget this natural magnum opus written by omnipotent soul.  The colour pattern viewed from zenith of mountain in Kemmangundi is nothing but a mixture of green and blue scale hill-locks.  When we were beleaguered by a giant cloud, the chillness and fresh air revived the body and wet the hair.  While descending from a peak, an enigmatic forest welcomed us and our dunderheads alarmed the brigade to stay back.  This made to cut-short the agenda to reach Bababudangiri and Mullayangiri hills.  Panic on everyone’s face when their legs red-marked by leech incursions.  Back to ground we headed to a dormitory as our tents were tap-dancing in vrooming wind.  Successive dawn was pretty cool as we took jeeps to drench in Hebbe falls.  Amidst a flunk in trek, there were bulk in enjoyment among us.


4 comments so far

  1. oops… missed it. don’t forget to inform me next time.. cheers

  2. Senthil Kumaran on

    Once again, six in a row 🙂 Anyway excellent use of words in this post. Great..

  3. prabhuh on

    Thanks Senthil 🙂

    Sure Sai, I’ll inform you for next trip.

  4. knowthankyou on

    This sounds like a fun trip!

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