Sindhu Mudhal Gangai Varai – Raghul Sangruthiyaayan

Many readers would have heard about the book “Volga-vil Irundhu Gangai Varai” which is very famous on explaining the invasion and lifestyle of Aryans in Indian sub-continent during BC Era, written by the same author.  Inspired by that novel, I was tempted to give a read on this too.  This novel was not much informative and exhaustive as the former one.  I would recommend first time readers to go for former novel.

The story lies in the timeframe of around 500 BC when Magadha empire (location: present Bihar) was ruled by Bimbisara.  The protagonist Simman belongs to Vaisali kingdom, located north-east to Magadha.  The people of Vaisali claim they are pure Aryans, leading a life of democracy/ideal communist, doesn’t accept a King to rule them.  During his teenage Simman travel to Takshashila (location: present Punjab province of Pakistan) to gain knowledge from world-renowed teachers.  Takshahila and Vaisali had people with the same type of ideologies.  He stays in Takshashila for 8 years, learn academics, sword-fighting, horse-riding, farming, dancing, etc.  He stays in his Guru’s house and he fall in love with Guru’s daughter Rohini.  He lead an army of Takshashila to fight against the Persian invasion and exhibit exemplary fighting.  As a token of his victory, Takshashila leaders rewards him with high post and ask him to marry Guru’s daughter.  After a year of marriage, he decides to go to his motherland Vaishali with wife Rohini.  It was the right time on his entry to Vaisali, as its about to face a severe attack from Magadha King Bimbisara.  The story go on like this, as expected he leads the army and keep his country safe from enemies.  As a whole, this novel gives a limelight on lifestyle of Aryans, practise of slavery and war strategies during that period.


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