Trip to Papanasam and other sites

Kaaraiyar dam

Kaaraiyar dam

During this office shutdown week, I was spending time in my Periamma’s home in Palayamkottai, Thirunelveli district.  We made an one-day trip to nearby places by renting a Tavera.  I’ve started around 7 o’clock in morning with my Amma, Periamma, Akka, Pappa, Kutti and Cousin-brother.  We went to Kaaraiyar dam near Ambasamudram and had a look there, but didn’t go for boating because of other plans.  The dam was huge and the panoramic bluish view was mind-blowing.  We had our breakfast there get completed with home made idlies.  Then we went to Servalar Dam which is famous for hydel project and no spectators were there except us.  Then we came down to Papanasam and had a nice bath in clear river water and had a dharshan in nearby Papanasa Swamy – Ulagammai temple.  Then we went to Manimuttar dam and with permission from the authorities we went to Manimuttar Falls.  The bath at this falls was very refreshing due to chilled water and the force in it.  After welcoming dawn, we made the way back to our home with good memories.


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  1. photos….?

  2. prabhuh on

    I just have one photo which I took in mobile. Been uploaded now.

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