Karaindha Nizhalgal – Asokamithran

This short novel depicts the life-style and suffering of people in cinema industry. It doesn’t talk about the few people who have tasted the success in film, but many other technicians and co-actors’ pathetic lifestyle. Many of the characters in this novel will get vanished during the flow of story and it exactly apt the title ‘Karaindha Nizhalgal’ meaning ‘the dissolved shadows’. It looks like the author had had the first-hand experience with the program management of a film, as the way he describes the work and schedule of a cinema program manager.

There is no protagonist here, as every character simply registers their presence in full swing. I like one emotional talk given by a father Rama Iyengar, who is a millionaire film producer, to his irresponsible son about the struggles he faced in his life to become a big-shot and the way his son is currently spending his money lavishly. i.e. his son thinks about money is one-way traffic, in which he knows to get the money from his father but he doesn’t have the knowledge or eligibility to earn the money and give it back to him. Also if a person loses a part of money, then at the same time ten other persons in the world will grab that money from him. So, every the person should always be responsible for his fortune and should be cautious about the act he is doing.

I feel, the setback of this novel is of too many characters involved in this and it seems quite difficult to remember many of the character names and their role. Also, it lags the  description or characterization and hence no major character will remain forever in mind. May be this is intentional from author’s perspective in order to suite the title of Karaindha Nizhalgal. Yet some descriptions are good to reveal the poverty life of people. The way in which he describes the house of Natarajan shows the difficult situation of his family.

One assistant director named Rajagopal who was aspiring to become a director faces many difficulties in that industry. He had some good relation with the star actress Jayachandrika. I feel this character Rajagopal can be considered as the main one because of depiction of his struggles for many chapters together. He was working in film industry for around 10 years and looking for a chance to get a position as film director. He faces many shameful moments at his home because his brother doesn’t bother to help him or atleast speak to him. He was in that home only because of his mother. One day he takes his bicycle and heading towards Kodambakkam, but the cycle tube get punctured. The way author explaining this situation of his pain in riding the cycle on flyover and other struggles for having a meal on that way was quite good. Then at the end of the story one person Sambath informs to reader that Rajagopal got married with Jayachandrika and their life was not-so-good because of the actress character. I felt some similarity of this character in a recent Tamil movie in which actor Prithivraj plays some sort of role which is equivalent to that of Rajagopal.

In the initial chapters I felt pity for the state of film producer Reddiar for the struggles he faced for taking a film. The last day of shooting was planned as outdoor shooting for first half of the day and indoor shooting for rest of the day. So, the activities happening on this single day was described in initial three chapters and within this day how the characters like Nataraj and Reddiar getting vanished in their life was depicted. The first half of the shooting (outdoor stuffs) were taken successfully by the director but the rest of indoor shooting was depend on actress Jayachandrika. As she was not interested to turn up, then the producer Reddiar himself made a visit to actress’ home and asked to come for rest of shooting day. Some of the words used by Reddiar towards the actress were disgusting but it reveals the fact of mindset of a film producer. So after her pretend on illness and the entire shooting get cancelled. This event made the entire film to get dropped, because of shortage of money and shortage of studio availability. And finally it leads to bankruptcy of Reddiar’s wealth.

Any novel will have a core event, on top of it the entire story revolves around. I feel the author took the ‘suffering in film industry’ as core event and tried to explain this via many characters. Even the short depiction of dance girls’ miserable life is an example for this, as they don’t have any proper timings or recognition for their work and that too for tiny amount of money. I extend my sincere thanks to New Horizon Media Pvt Ltd (Kizhakku pathipagam) for offering this novel for free reading and review.  This book can be viewed in the following link:



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  1. சாணக்கியன் on


    Add the link of the book from newhorizon media in your blog. That is one of the rules they have said for free book :-). For your convenience I am giving the link of ‘karainda nizhalgal’ here. please add it to your post.


  2. சாணக்கியன் on

    சுஜாதாவின் ’கனவுத் தொழிற்சாலை’ சினிமா பற்றிய நாவல்தான் எனக்கேள்விப் பட்டிருக்கிறேன். அதைப் படித்து இதனுடன் ஒப்பிட்டு எழுதலாமே? 🙂

  3. Viththakan on

    This is one of the best novels I have ever read in Tamil or English; full of innovative narrative techniques, outstanding dialogues and unforgettable characters. An un-put-downable masterpiece and a must read for any Tamil literary enthusiast.


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