Thyagarajar – Veeyesvee

The life history of first Sangeetha Mummoorthigal Saint Thyagarajar was clearly described in this book.  The author chose some krithis of Thyagarajar and explained the situation on which he sang those.  He had given Tamil explanation for the five great Keerthanas (pancha-ratna kritis) written by Thyagarajar.  The saint had immense devotion towards Rama and he was always chanting Rama nama with atmost pleasure.  He had many disciples to whom he teaches krithis and Lalgudi Jeyaraman’s great-grand-father Lalgudi Ramayyar is one among the direct disciple of Thyagaraja.  He had good rapport with many of his contemporary Carnatic musicians like Gopalakrishna Bharathi.  Also he sang krithis on Lord Shiva and Ambal.  Singing his krithis with bhakthi are the direct way to anyone who like to devote oneself to God.


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