The White Tiger – Aravind Adiga

This booker prize winning novel is not impressive to me.   The lifestyle of a car driver in depicted here by constantly showing the ugly face of India.  The uniqueness I’m seeing here is, the entire story is being narrated by the lead character in a letter to Chinese Premier.  Some information I got from this novel is:  White Tiger is a unique species which comes once in a generation in a jungle.  Here the protagonist who is a car driver was praised as White Tiger by his school teacher for his intelligence in studies.  But due to poverty he was unable to continue his studies and work as a hotel servant in his village.  Finally he becomes a car driver for an American-return lad who is married to European wife.  While the story get unfurls, the author explains the sufferings, poor life-style and challenges faced by a car driver.  Whenever his car enters into posh shopping mall or other luxury hotels, the driver feels uncomfortable to roam around the place, but he feels safe only if he is inside the car.  The reason for his killing his owner and the life he leads thereafter in other city by simply neglecting his family from the beginning was quite shocking.  As a whole I feel this novel is fine for being in a library for readers but not a booker prize winning piece.  May be the booker prize selecting panel people got excited by seeing negative facts of India and offered this recognition to this novel.


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