Rani Mangammal – Na. Parthasarathy

A short historic novel about Madurai Queen Mangammal.  She lived during 17th century and after her husband’s death in a war, she ruled the kingdom of Nayakkar dynasty for 18 years.  She was the wife of Sokkanadha Nayakkar, who was the grandson of famous Thirumalai Nayakkar king of Madurai.  She was a  popular queen of South India for her strategies in retaining and expanding her kingdom.  She was providing a safe and secular life for all the people.  Also, she was maintaining good political relation with contemporary Mughal king Aurangzeb.  After her son RangaKrishnaMuthuVeerappan came to power, the good rule continued with help of her.  But after 6 years he died due to illness, then she was forced to take over the power again.  Her grandson VijayaRangaSokkanadhan was only a new born who lost his parents.  It became her responsibility to bring up her grandson too.  But once her grandson attained teenage, because of wrong relations and inherent cruelty, he made Mangammal as a prisoner and humiliated a lot.  After her death, the Madurai Nayakkar dynasty came to an end and her grandson could save the kingdom not even a year. The name Mangammal is common in Madurai even today, because of her goodwill and charity made to people.  This novel helped me in educating the piece of historical information of Madurai.


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