Pudhu VeLLam – Akilan

This novel by Akilan revolves around the protagonist Murugayyan who was firm in his Gandhian principles.  He was a rich village lad doing his college education in nearby town.  During pre-independence agitation, he got influenced by Gandhi’s Ahimsa and got thrown out of college for his activities.  After that he happened to spend 3 years in jail.  When he returned back to village, his father lost all of the wealth to his friend, who cunningly did that.  Then he moves to Madras and faces all bitter experiences in his relative home and he comes to verge of beach sales-boy and rickshaw-puller.  He faces immediate upliftment in life with the help of his rich would-be bride, but because of his strong principles and merciness towards poor people his life again becomes miserable.  Finally he made to lead his life as coalmine-worker in Hyderabad and he finds his lady-love.  The flow of this novel is equivalent to watching a movie and Akilan portraits he is good in screenplay writing.


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  1. Usha on

    Any idea where I could find – Ponniyin Selvan (photo edition) by Kalki

  2. prabhuh on

    Sorry. I couldn’t find ponniyin selvan book with the original pictures (which came in Kalki maganize on weekly basis). If I come to know, will get back to you.

  3. senthilkumaran on

    Kalki’s description served the purpose. I could visualize the scenes from his description 🙂 Truly a great book.

  4. prabhuh on

    Rightly said Senthil 🙂

  5. Shruthi on

    I love reading Tamizh novels, especially the social novels. I am going to buy this novel today. Thank you very much for the information.


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