Enadhu Madurai Ninaivugal – Manohar Devadas

My father bought this book during its launching ceremony in Arvind Eye Hospital and I had an opportunity to read this.  This is an autobiography of Manohar Devadas on sharing his childhood and adolescent stage experiences by vividly depicting the lifestyle in Madurai in 1950s.  After reading this book I came to know more information about my hometown Madurai including its history, formation of railway colony, anglo-indian people’s lifestyle, Madura coats mills, Harvipatti village formation, etc.  Manohar on his school days spent time with his friends and did all naughty humorous stuffs and its quite interesting to read his memories.  Moreover the pencil-sketch pictures drewn by the author are so perfect and clear, which he drew at the verge of losing his eye-sight.  A good book to read through to know about the lifestyle of olden Madurai lads.


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  1. Senthil Kumaran on

    Good see posts in the blog after a long time 🙂
    Back with a a bang ah ?

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