Jog falls trip

Another exemplary trip with friends was made this time to Jog falls.  Eventhough the water flow in the falls was not impressive because of off-season, we’ve enjoyed the mini trek down to the base of falls.  The pathway was under construction so it was not so easy to climb down and up in that crooked way.  The gigantic rocks provides the scenic beauty and added colour to the trip.  Evening we had a stay in Murudehswar and it was good to play football on hard beach sand.  On the way to Bangalore we had a visit to Kollur Moogambigai and Sringeri Temples.  As usual we had a fantastic fun time inside the van by playing dumb-cheers and it was Bala’s action for the movie name ‘Kicha Vayasu 16’ last as unforgettable one.  The guys who were made part of this trip were Rajesh, Deivapalan, Pramod John, Senthil, Praveen, Karthik Balaji, Venkat and Shyam.


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