Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand

This is the longest philosophical novel in English I’ve read.  The clash between industrial conglomarates, inventors and politicians forms the base of novel in which the protagonist John Galt make strategies to stop the motor of the world.  The plot of the story is somewhat hypothetical but the intention of Ayn Rand is make the reader feel about one’s individual strength.  I would like to meet a lady like Dagny Taggart who is so strong in her ideologies and having the courage of ‘never give up things’.  Eventhough Hank Rearden’s character looks no so friendly, he is ‘individualist’ by nature and admires people around him in friendy gesture.  Readers can take positive advices from this novel to increase the inner strength lies inside every human being.  And if a person is having a will power with passion, then he can achieve any height in the world amidst tough situations.  My favourite character is Francisco D’Anconia for his passion towards work and knowledge.  It looks like some movie would be taken based on this novel; will wait to watch that.


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