Dasavatharam – A new experiment in Tamil Cinema

Eventhough I’m not a die-hard fan of Kamalahaasan, I’ve watched the Tamil film Dasavatharam twice in first week of its release.  I like the 2 aspects in that film, one being the implementation of scientific chaos theory and buttery-fly effect in real-life incidents and second being the 12th century saivaites-vaishnavaites clash during Rajadhiraja Kulothunga Cholan period.  I would like to see the extensions of first 10-minute ancient tamil story from the Rangaraja Nambi character, to get an visual feast on life-style of Tamil people.  Kamal tried to connect the ancient incident with recent Tsunami along with fighting against bio-war aspect. Appreciations goes to the style of antagonist Kamal Fletcher and kindness of Vincent Poovaraagan.  Annoying character in the film is nothing but Asin, who simply had single word dialogure “Perumal”.   She is a major blow in the film uttering Perumal around 40 times till the end of film childfully without any logic.  Irritating dialogues with ridiculous jokes in serious situation lengthened the second half of the film.  I feel Kamal have experiemented some unnecessary characters like Paati, George Bush, Tall Muslim and Japanese just to meet the magic number 10.  Some good visual effects and back-ground music soothes the ambience.  Kamalhaasan surely did an experiment on discussing the complex design of universe and man-kind with commercial formula by giving his 10 avatars in this film.   Hats off to him.


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