The Inscrutable Americans – Anurag Mathur

This short novel narrates the experience of an Indian lad who is visiting USA for his higher studies. Whatever he see, feel and think new in the alien land was presented here. Gopal is the protagonist, hails from Jajau village of Madhya Pradhesh belongs to orthodox vegetarian family starts his way to USA for one-year diploma higher course. From the maiden flight experience to the new college apartment he faces everything new. His friend Randy introduces him the style of American living by taking him to dance bars, introducing some girls for dating, etc. He tries to find a sweet-heart in college and doesn’t succeed on the same. He feels enigmatic about Americans language on saying football as soccer, ball played by hands as football, usage of “got it”, “have a nice day” after every short conversation, etc. It’ll be humorous on how Gopal narrates his experience to his brother by letter and explain to his friends about his family-business of hair-oil company. He too face some bad experiences like getting man-handled by some black men, blinking alone without any girl as companion in club, feeling house-arrest during snow-days, etc.  As a whole, its a good time pass novel like Chetan Bhaghat’s “five point someone”.


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  1. lavanya on

    This book sucks big time.Your first blunder is to give it a nice review.Second being comparing it to Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone.

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