Brahmam Okate – God is One

This song is one among the beautifully rendered Annamacharya krithis in Telugu, emphasizing only one supreme soul exists and all living creatures are equal without any disparity in the world. This song will resemble some folk song rhythms, even though its a Carnatic classical one and hence this stands unique among others. Sudha Raghunathan’s voice is a plus. Simply, I like it.  Click the “Track details” to enjoy the same.

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  1. ravindran on

    The best song I have ever heard in my life. Every day starts with this song for me .I do understand that the melody from the famous singers voice adds to the attraction which is already there.The sound of Ms.Sudha Raghunathan rings in my ear even when I am engrossed in my official work.When I am mentally depressed , I switch on to this song which enlightens my life and makes me come back to this world.


    Please who ever know the Telugu can translate this song word by word to English.

    With best wishes

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