IPL T20 Masala Mix

Yep! Yesterday evening I’ve enjoyed a lot in the IPL twenty-twenty cricket match held at Chinnasamy Stadium Bangalore between the teams Chennai Super Kings and Bangalore Royal Challengers. Mahendra Singh Dhoni was the star player and he acted as a catalyst for taking the Chennai supporters to their down-to-core enjoyment. Once Chennai team won the toss, they went for batting and the initial 15 overs were not much impressive compared to last 5 on accumulating runs by batsmen in arrogant way. For every hits of 4 and 6 runs all of us were dancing, jumping, whistling and shouting. The ice on the cake was the Cheerleaders from Washington Redskin group, who were showing their expertise by cheering up the youngsters between every 2 overs. This Chennai team winning match was worth watching even though the essence of cricket was moderate, it was over-shadowed by film-stars, orchestra, cheerleaders, song-clippings and the zeal exhibited by audiences. These fast-food T20s will make the future of Indian cricket matches as it highly increases the energy level of spectators for affordable 3 hours duration, by combining sports and cinema together. Welcome to the era of vivid profit-oriented business, the so-called “cricket sport”.


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