No country for Old Men – Worth for Nothing

I don’t know how this junk movie got 4 Oscar awards!!  I was one of the victim to watch this damn film, because of the tag value attached to it.  The movie doesn’t have any story line or any concept.  The Oscar winning best supporting actor doesn’t even acted, apart from just staring people and saying “Call it”.  Couldn’t get what the director tried to convey to audience.  Whether no good movie produced last year in Hollywood to get this prestigious award, which was given to wonderful films like Forrest Gump and Titanic?  The hype and anticipation around Oscar awards needs to be reduced among people to get into reality.  Some of the last year Tamil films like Mozhi and Paruthi Veeran are much better than this because of its originality.


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  1. senthilkumaran on

    Title super 🙂 If the movie is not good, then it is removed from this week list 🙂

  2. Praveen on

    i saw the film too, but i found it ok. Perhaps too much expectation from your side aggrevated you after

  3. prabhuh on

    Yeah Praveen, I agree that the film is average. But I’m not at all satisfied on 4 Oscars for this.

  4. Megarajan on

    dei prabhu,

    Sometimes , we wont get teh context of the films…hence we wont like it… it happens with cult films like Matrix. the ordinary cinemagoer wouldnt have understood matrix but would have gone only for the action sequences.

    Its sometimes better to read about the film and then watch it…

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