A short trip to Kollimalai with my friends and juniors was pretty exciting as I didn’t expected the Kolli hills posses this much scenic beauty in her. Kollimalai is in Namakkal district of Tamilnadu, so the journey time from Bangalore was convenient. To reach the famous Akasa Gangai Falls from the Arappaleswarar temple we climbed down thousands of steps. After running enthusiastically down the steps, the gigantic falls welcomed us with her continuous “sarals” (drizzles). I’ve enjoyed much the bath I took in this falls, as it was quite different from our regular Courtalam because of heavy and rough flow of water. Apart from the falls we went for sight seeing like Seekuppaarai, Valvil Ori Statue and the village itself. The next day early morning walk was pleasant for breathing fresh air and taking some snaps. Thanks to Muthukumar for pulling everyone from the bed for this mandatory walk. On this same day he became proud father of her daughter Yaazhini. On the return way to Bangalore, we stopped at Hogenakkal and enjoyed the parisal boat ride and the dip in Cauvery river. The czars in this trip are Rajesh, Arun, Subramani, Senthilkumar, Muthusivam, Praveen and SenthilKAS.


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