Source Insight

The code navigator tool, Source Insight I’ve used for past 2 years was really helpful and productive one.  Many advanced features like script support, macro recording & invocation were really cool.  Listing of required symbols and filtration of relevant information across project, different tree views of function callers, callees along with LOC were interesting.  Some user defined scripts which was heavily used for code review comments addition which had links to original comment location with exporting to required file were quite useful.  Even-though this write-up looks like an advertisement to source insight, I’ve given only my thoughts as a satisfied end-user.  I’m searching for this kind of navigator tool in any GNU/Linux distributions, but couldn’t find yet.  Still I’m OK with Cscope and grep now.  Anyone using some powerful C code navigators in Unix flavored OS, please send that pointer to me.


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  1. Senthil KAS on

    Thats true dude… U can gain control over a huge code base, very quickly using this tool. I wonder if there are any open source tool like this.. im greedy, isnt?

  2. Subhasish Chakraborty on

    Try running Source insight in Ubuntu on wine.
    I use it, it works cool. Only the font comes different. The non proprietary fonts. But it’s still cool.

    • Subhash on

      How to install source insight on ubuntu on wine. please give me some information on this.


      • subhash on

        How to set font on source insight… it is showing some chinese characters. Any body has an idea…

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