Courtalam Falls

Courtalam – a natural treasure in Tamilnadu, where any common person can enjoy the stay with his friends and families. People visiting Courtalam only do the following cycle of activities – “bathing, eating, sleeping”, “bating, eating, sleeping”, … As far as I know, Courtalam is the only tourist place where we can see the people in simple dress and without any makeup, because they will roam around the area with towel, oil and soap to take bath in any of the falls. I had spent my time in Courtalam with my Chennai friends Navanee, Satheesh, Rajesh, Saimagesh and Guna. We took bath in Main falls, Five falls, Old falls and Shenbhaga falls. And as usual after taking bath in falls, we were hungry and not missing any of the food items like milagaai bajji, onion bonda, kuzhal puttu, maangaai, annaachi, etc. We saw the actress Suvarnamaalya there, who came for Bharathanatyam concert with many other students to participate in “Saaral Thiruvizha” organized by Government of Tamilnadu. During the return journey, we had a nice “arattai” in the train recollecting our college days and college friends. We also tried to list our classmate names in the order of their roll number and updated ourselves with their current position. Really good moments …


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  1. Sai Magesh on

    Hi Prabhu,

    Looks like your penning down here like your personal diary!!

    Cool. I came here while googling my name 🙂

    Why there is no post about your US visit? I am still here and leaving on 19th.

    Whats going on there?


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