Gopallapurathu Makkal – Ki. Rajanarayan

This novel is famous for the slang of language used. The story revolves around the life of people in the village named Gopallapuram in Thirunelveli district during early 1900 year. So the author finely used the Thirunelveli local residents language throughout the novel. It vividly explains the expressions of the villagers when they come across any new things in the village. For example, when village’s first “wall-clock” enters in one resident’s home, everyone were keen to know about the current time. Even some guys doesn’t know how to read clock timings, they were used to say small-hand of clock lies between 3 and 4 and long-hand lies on number 9. Funny right ! The author explains how slowly the villagers accepted certain changes in their life like wearing pants, style hair-cuts, listening radio, watching TV, etc.


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  1. ANAND on

    I need to know from which publisher i can get this book and other novels of ki.Ra.can any one help.?

  2. prabhuh on

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    My friend has bought the book online from here. They are doing reliable service.

  3. Fire Basket on

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