Appam Vadai Thayirsaadham – Balakumaran

This is one of the optimistic novels I’ve read. Here Balakumaran unfurls the story and life-style of 5 generations of a Brahmin family. He depicts, how a family is getting lifted economically and achieving social status in years because of their hard-work and dedication. Before 5 generations a poor family started a simple business of selling Appam, Vadai and Thayir-saadham (curd-rice) in Maayavaram railway station. Because of the quality of food and the hard-work shown by the family members, they started to grow economically by opening a hotel and gain popularity among people. Then they expand their business to Chennai and in turn give their descendants a good education. Their offspring switch to some other job and move to Bombay and the story goes on and ends in Chennai. The characters and the progression of the story are optimistic in nature and anyone reading this, will feel the good factors of life. Before start cooking in the hotel, the owner will perform Gayathri Mantra prayer for 30 minutes to concentrate well on work which increases his productivity. And the simple message this novel gives to everyone is “Do your duty with complete dedication and concentration”.


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  1. suresh on

    anybody is having Appam Vadai Thayirsaadham – Balakumaran hard copy..please reply in my id

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