Kumara Parvadham trekking

Around 11 of our friends started our trekking on Kumara Parvadham hills at morning 9:15 AM today. The scenery and dense forest view was very nice that any person can stumble on it. The initial trek was so tiresome and tedious for us. To get rid of that fatigue, we had enough oranges, glucose and water on the way. We climbed around 8 km upward and reached Butt (a Brahmin family) home around 3:00 PM. We had Chappathis as lunch, which we brought from Bangalore. After taking rest for couple of hours, we started climbing without our heavy luggages on nearby hill from Butt’s home. The evening sunset and silky wind was pleasant experience there. Then the time came to challenge us for making the tents, yes! we carried all the relevant materials needed for tents and sleeping bags as well. So, amidst the darkness we successfully built the tents and squeezed ourselves inside the sleeping bag on that cold night. Next day morning, it took less time for us to down-trek and reached Kukke within 3 hours. Then we made a visit to Kukke Subramanya Temple and started back to Bangalore. On the return way, we made a dip in Hemavathi River and enjoyed that bath. We had a nice time in the van by playing dumb-cheers and songs identifications. In-spite of the van driver’s rash driving and non-sensible overtaking, we reached home safely. Group of us in this trip were Muthukumar, Ekanth, Arun, Senthil, Rajasekar, Premanand, Nikil, Praveen, Sadheesh and Venkatesan.


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