Member of a Chinese family in Wuxi

Maye, my colleague in Huawei Technologies, a very good Chinese friend and a well-wisher. I always used to call Maye as Gege, which means elder brother in Chinese. He invited me and Prashanth to visit his home in Wuxi city during May holidays. We decided to visit Shanghai for 2 days and spend other 3 days at his home. Wuxi is an old city in Jiangsu Province with its tourism slogan as “Wuxi – Full of Water and Happiness”. Maye’s home is simple and beautiful and his parents and grand-parents gave a warm welcome to us. They were bit excited to host foreigners in their home. They were not conversant in English, so they communicated to us via Maye and his wife Emmy. We had good food in his home prepared by Maye’s father. We made a short presence to Emmy’s home also in Wuxi and her parents were so kind to greet and serve food to us.

maye.jpgWe made our visit to Taihu lake – the largest lake in Wuxi, Turtle-head Islets, Ancient Market and Park. I’ve attended a Chinese wedding ceremony and it was Maye’s cousin sister marriage. The experience was very different to me and it was completely varied from Indian marriages. It was mostly resembling the western style with many people gathered on some round tables in a hall and each table served with variety of food items including duck, chicken, shark soup, shrimp, fish, prawns, crab, tortoise and pork. Interesting fact was goat/lamb won’t be served on marriage occasions. Everyone was busy in smoking and drinking to justify the Chinese saying “More drink; more happiness”. So the trip to Wuxi was a memorable one and I had an opportunity to stay with a Chinese family and experience their daily habits. Even I can’t forget their lovely dog named “lom-lom” (lom in Chinese means Dragon). The elders in the family were so kind and lovable and they were very concerned about our comfortableness there. Its obvious to say that, they’ve accepted me as their family member. Kudos to Maye Gege for his affection.


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