Shanghai : ‘beat New-York’

shanghai.jpgWhen I entered into the city of Shanghai (Chinese meaning: ‘up above the sea’) I had only the view of sky-scrapers and concrete structures. The new part of city, Pudong is organized with wide roads, pedestrian over-bridges with escalators, etc. The night view of Shanghai from Oriental Pearl TV Tower (3rd tallest tower in the world) was spectacular with flooding lights. Also a visit to 88th floor of Jinmao Tower (5th tallest building in the world) was a nice experience. An evening walk amidst crowd on the famous road Nanjing Lu (most happening place of Shanghai with approximately 1 million visitors per day and its the world longest shopping line of 6 km) was a memorable one. Trip to Shanghai will be incomplete, if one haven’t traveled in the MagLev, the fastest magnetic levitation train running at the speed of 289 km/hour. When I was amazed by looking into the awe-inspiring structures of Shanghai, a local Chinese commented that Shanghai is getting build to beat the city of New-york. Truly its worth saying that.


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