Beijing Olympics 2008

Beijing is in full swing of preparation to host the much-awaited international games, Yes! Olympics 2008. The city is fully structured and modernized to welcome the sportsmen, journalists, spectators around the world to participate in that grand event. The Olympics games are scheduled to commence on 8/8/8 (August 8, 2008). Eight (Chinese: ba) is a lucky and auspicious number to Chinese people and they are excited to start the event on this lucky date. When I’m talking about number, I should mention number 4 also. Chinese people doesn’t like number 4 (Chinese: si), because the English pronunciation of number “four” resembles one Chinese word, which means “death”. So they are scared to take this number and I have seen many hi-fi apartments without fourth floor i.e. above 3rd floor they’ll start numbering as 5th floor and so on 🙂

Back to Olympics, Beijing having many roads with the countdown display for the game, which was started 2 or 3 years before. Many new bridges, subways and roads are under construction to make their Olympic slogan “One World, One Dream” to come into reality.  Many of the local taxis are nothing but Elantra, Sonata or Jetta.  Many pavements and gardens are fully dressed with colorful flower plants, which will blossom exclusively on August season.  Local bodies are trying to control pollution as much as possible by pulling out industries from city scape to make it “Green Olympics”.  A technical trivia, this Olympics will be the first “IPv6 Olympics” to be conducted.  Beijing is in full preparation in making the entire communication network which covers the complete game, will be running on next generation IPv6 Protocol.


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