Hua Shan trekking in Xian

huashan.jpgI had been to some trekking trips before, but this trekking in Hua Shan Snow Mountain was an unforgettable one. I with Avik, Yaaseen, Janardhanan and Prashanth went to Xian city and started our trekking at 10:45 PM. We’ve climbed the mountain path by steps and it was a tiresome climbing along with many Chinese guys. We had reached the summit at around 5:30 AM early morning. Many people gathered there to watch the “Sun-Rise” between the mountains and the view was spectacular one. After witnessing the sun-rise, we started down and then only I’ve realized that, the way was full of snow. I didn’t know that the top part of mountain was covered with snow when I had started climbing on previous day night. So we took some photographs on the way to mark the trip. After the trekking, we roamed Xian city and visited Bell Temple, Mosque and the world famous Terracotta Warriors.


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  1. himalayantraveltreks on

    really lovely place

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