Eatables (snake, cockroach, scorpion, …) at Wangfujing

cockroach.jpgWangfujing is a famous shopping place in Beijing located near to Forbidden City Palace. This place is easily reachable by Beijing Subway trains. Many shopping malls and food courts sprawled throughout the street. The interesting thing was on one side of the street there were full of street vendors with their stalls for eatables. These eatables are nothing but pork rolls, snakes, cockroaches, red scorpions, black scorpions and other sea-foods rolled on a stick. Each stick costs 10 RMB, i.e. 3 cockroaches/scorpions for 10 RMB like 3 samosas/bajjis for 10 rupees 🙂 Many by-passers from children to old-people had their evening snacks there. Oops ! It was common in restaurants to get beef chocolates, donkey meat, pig ears, pig thigh, etc.


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  1. blackpoetry on

    I heard that cockroaches are good if cooked right although I cannot stomach the idea of eating bugs.
    Black Kids

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