Vengaiyin Maindhan – Akilan

In this novel, Akilan gives insight about the life and achievement of the great Rajendra Chola.  Rajendra Cholan is the son of Rajaraja Cholan and his period can be referred as the height of Tamil empire in art, literature and administration.  He captured many geographies including Indonesia (Kadaaram), Srilanka, Malaysia, southern and eastern coastal parts of India.  He lived around 1010 AD and his dynasty had many business relationships with foreign countries.  This novel depicts his victory over Kadaaram and the building of new city Gangai konda Cholapuram upon his victory over northern part of India.  The newly built temple and the city internally had so many architectural designs for war-time and peace activities.  Along conquering the nations, Rajendra Chola conquered the hearts of beautiful girls Arulmozhi and Rohini.  Their love and affection was depicted in simple words by Akilan.  The hero of Ponniyin Selvan novel, the one and only Vandhiya Thevan will appear in this novel as elder character, who guides Rajendra Cholan in war and administration.  So the die-hard fans of Ponniyin Selvan (like me) will get more affinity towards him by reading this story.  Because of the narration and depiction of historic facts during Chola period using proper language, there is no wonder this novel received the Sakithya Academy Award from Government of India.


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  1. vinodh on

    superb novel by akilan, i love ilango’s character. one of the best tamil historical novel ever written.

  2. e seenivasan on

    last 15 years before study in this novel still ineed this novel urgently is great one of our historic novel.

  3. pandian on

    wonderful novel, i have read it somany times, vandiya thevan charac is excelent!
    i realy admire akilan’s flow of tamil and style

  4. Niranjan on

    I would like to point out a mistake here…

    Rajendra Cholan did not win the hearts of Arulmozhi and Rohini.. Infact Arulmozhi was Rajendra Cholan’s Daughter..

    The novel central character is Elangovel, who won the hearts of both the girls.

  5. hbkniranjan on

    I’ve written a detailed review on வேங்கையின் மைந்தன் in my blog. Check it out…

  6. malathy on

    hey i loved both ponniyin selvan and venkayin mainthan..i have soft copy for ponniyin selvan.if some one have a soft copy for this novel please do post it

    • Hamsini on

      If you have the soft copy of ponniyin selvan and vengaiyin manthan please mail me.I am a great lover of these books.Please

  7. Velu on

    anybody could you help to get out this noval from coimbatore

    Kindly help me out

  8. gauthami on

    i want to download this vengayin maindhan in free….. how it is possible?

    • prabhuh on

      I don’t have information on online availability of this book. Thanks!

  9. Arun G on

    I wanna get this noval in Chennai or trichy..pls help me…

    • Vishnu Ragupathy on

      book available @ / Dhagam , 34 sarangapani street,t.nagar, chennai -17 Phone: 044-28340495/ also available in all book sellers/ book fairs

  10. Arun G on

    I want hard copy..pls provide me details of any publication contact details…

  11. M. Chozharajan on

    It is great novel…

  12. Rishaban on

    all works of akilan are copyright protected so its now available for free, but all his books are available , can buy from
    or from Dhagam,chennai-17

    • dass on

      i get this novel in singapore …..pls help me

  13. Magozai on

    Is there any english version of this book?

  14. Ashwini on

    Any epub download available for “Vengaiyin Maindhan – Akilan”?


  15. anand on

    Hw and wr to download this novel.

    • velmurugan on

      i got this error “404 — File not found.” plz help

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