Sivagamiyin Sabhadam – Kalki

My first encounter on reading Tamil novel started with this great epic of Kalki Krishnamoorthy.  After reading this novel I had a passion to read similar historic novels from Kalki and fulfilled that.  This novel revolves around the Pallava dynasty kings the great Mahendra Varma Pallavar, Narasimma Varma Pallavar and ofcourse our title character Sivagami.  If I hear the name Sivagami from anyone, I always visualizes her as a beautiful young lady who dances Bharatanatyam by devoting her to the songs sung by Thirunavukarasar.  Thats the power of Kalki’s characterization.   The  strategies made  by Mahendra Varma king  to avoid enemies attack were interesting to read.  Many historical facts about Chalukya dynasty king Pulikesi, Naganandhi, Ajantha paintings, Vathapi Ganapthy were new to me.  Other interesting incidents in this novel include Paranjyothi’s bravery, Young prince’s love with Sivagami, Aayana Sirpi’s loyalty towards king, Buddha bikshu’s behavior, etc.  The small boy Narasimma Varman used to show the black rocks in Mahabalipuram beach to his father Mahendra Varman as elephant, chariot, etc.  This sparks Mahendra Varman to start the Karkoyil (Stone temples) on the sea-shore, which stands silently till today in Mamallapuram as an epitome of Pallavas contribution to Architecture.


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