Outing to Queensland

After the enjoyable HCL team-outing of this quarter to “Queensland” theme-park in Chennai, suddenly a thought came to give a write-up on this.

As everyone expected we started our trip sharply & punctually (?) at 12:45 PM from ODC1. Around 30 people of our team gathered and occupied into a Van and 3 cars. On the way to Queensland there was a heavy traffic and people started to say “Oh! no”. At last we reached our destination around 2:15 PM and started exploring all (routing) paths in Queensland.

First and foremost, we enjoyed Himalayan Water Ride and as usual people continued their shouting. Then most of us entered into American Water Wave and had a lot of fun by throwing each and everyone of us by ourselves. Then we ran to Water Slider and enjoyed sliding. After these water games, we had fun on Roller Coaster, Karting, Bumper Car, Cable Car, etc. No one can forget the Crazy Horse and people were almost fell down from that Horse. At last we gathered into the mini-train (not T or S train) and had wonderful journey throughout Queensland.

On the way back, we played Anthakshari with our own Tamil, Hindi & Malayalam songs (too noisy). Then we came to Kwality Walls Ice ream parlor and our guys ordered different varieties of ice creams like TopGun, AfricanQueen, etc. After this wonderful ice cream session, we safely reached ODC1 at 9:00 PM.

To put it in a nutshell, we had lot of fun, we enjoyed fully and most importantly we came to know more about all of our team members & its a memorable day for us. Kudos to the organizers (Lavan, Nepolean, Mishra, Chandrasekar, Arul, Prasad).

Eagerly expecting these types of beautiful team outings in upcoming quarters !! Cheers to the Gang !!


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