Our Gang in Mahabalipuram

Some of our class guys and girls went to Mahabalipuram and really had a nice time there. A write-up on this trip is here.

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Hi All,

The motivation behind this mail has been from Deepak’s words: Somebody after returning, send a mail with the ‘Highlightls’

As everyone expected we started our trip sharply & punctually by 11.30 AM from Thiruvanmiyur Bus Stand (It has to be started by 9.00 AM, Saraswathi and VKrithiga’s status were irony bcoz they had waited for a long time….. Kudos to Aanandhi and Nisha for coming late). In Bus Stand itself we had our friends (GaneshPrabhu, Ekanth, Deepak and RamPrasad EEE) to send off us. From there, we plunged into a Pondicherry ECR bus and we all had seats to settle down (expect some 4 vettis – Saravana, Satheesh, Rajesh & Jeyaram). With the grace of our Girls, we had snacks at Bus itself (Navanee and Balamurugan are paavam. They haven’t had snacks, bcoz they had seats at front). It was a nice experience to travel on ECR road with Beach view.

Sometime at noon, we reached Mahabalipuram and we together started seeing some sculptures (Elephant caves, Ratham, Light House Pillar, etc.) All the way, we chatted and had fun. Great discoverer Saravana always guided us to enter into wrong path and then we reverted to correct path. Vijayaganesh’s Juooo was over, by speaking with his useless cell always. As all expected our Jeyaram looked like Salman Khan. Kamalakannan suddenly gave Dharshan in Mahabalipuram by directly coming from Vetti Vadapalani. Pothi always had a broad smile in his face and seems to be a Silent Spectator. Kaliraj’s state was really pity. He arrived Mahabalipuram at 10.30 AM itself from his Uncle’s home and he waited for nearly 2 hours. He can’t able to locate us and he wandered here and there. Then we settled down and had “dumb cheers” of Tamil Songs. Two groups had formed with 9 members per group. Really we enjoyed a lot there and it took more than an hour. No one can forget the acts made to “Thara Thara Tharam” song and “Mellinamae” song. Mickey and her sister had prompted a lot of wrong answers.

After this, we had nice time at Beach and spent hardly 45 minutes there. Nearly at 4.30PM we started for return journey. First we came to Kovalam by bus. In Kovalam, we had a nice time at Tea stall (we haven’t had Tea there, but to safeguard us from rain). At that time, Anitha presented a gift to all (gift = Bubble Gum). And then we took a Van for returning from Kovalam to Thiruvanmiyur. It was really enjoyable time in Van (rain was continuing), while came via Old Mahabalipuram road. We can’t able to bear the Allaparai of TCS, CTS and Infosys people, why bcoz, they were displaying their offices continuously on the way. Thaanga Mudiyala…..

Anyway, we arrived safely and we had a lot of fun there… This mini trip replicated our Good Old College Day Tours!!! But we were missed a lot of our class guys/gals and also their wonderful participation. Expecting these kind of Cherising trips in future also !!! and Cheers to the Gang !!!

Prabhu H
(For Satheesh, Vijayaganesh, Jeyaram, Kaliraj, Navanee, Balamurugan, Kamalakannnan, Pothiraj, Rajesh, Saravanamoorthy, Saraswathy, Krithiga V, Krithiga M, Aanandhi, Nisha, Anitha, Shanthi (Mickey’s Sister))


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